Some of the resources we spoke about on Saturday are online. Here are a few links, plus a few that might be worth knowing about anyway: 


Chris Walker's Nunc Dimittis is in Out of Darkness, but also available separately here

There's an antiphon for Night Prayer on Sundays for it which Martin has written - contact Martin for that.


Martin mentioned the Breviary online in Latin - the one he uses was off-line, but here's an alternative.

The sheet of alterations to be made in order to accomodate the new translation is



How to find St Augustines

Click here for a link to the Diocesan website with how to find St Augustines

Do you want to know more about singing the Offices of the Church, including Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and Night Prayer? This is the day for you. 

A fun, fact-filled, low-stress day in the company of other musicians exploring how you can help to introduce the Office to your parish and community. We'll look at the structure of the Offices and we'll bust some of the jargon; we'll explore what music is easily available for you to use; how to use that music; and we'll put it all into practice with an Evening Prayer at the end of the day. 

The day will include breaks for teas and coffees, as well as for lunch (bring your own); workshops led by Diocesan musicians (don't worry, there is NO pressure to sing on your own, or even to sing at all!); and full examples of Morning and Evening prayer to start and finish the day. 

The day is on 9th September, and runs from 10am to 4.30pm at St Augustine's Church in Downend, North Bristol (easily accessible from the motorway network, with no need to go into the centre of Bristol). 

Please fill out your name and email fields on this form; if you have any extra information (voice part, instrument, requirements, etc) then please use the optional notes field. When you're done, click 'Register'. Thank you!