Our music team is led by Richard Jeffrey-Gray who leads a busy life composing, conducting and recording music for film, stage and broadcast as well as making music for the people of the Clifton Diocese. See http://www.hoxa.net for more.

For example, he was commissioned to write, conduct and record the music for the last ever flight of Concorde in November 2003 by the BBC and invited musicians from Clifton to lead over 100 singers and two Symphony Orchestras in front of over 70,000 people and on radio and tv internationally. In 2005 he directed two live BBC TV broadcasts for Advent and Christmas Day, BBC Radio 4 in 2006 broadcast our Midnight Mass for Christmas too among other broadcasts.

He says that the music at Clifton perfectly mirrors his approach to music he makes for the media: in whatever style it may be (serious, jazz, Latin etc.) it doesn't matter as long as it is well done and gets the message across.

That's why, as a musician successful at reaching people commercially, he is so pleased to have been able to form a strongly talented team of people - professionals and volunteers - who serve the people of the Church with such dedication and skill.

Previous Directors of Music

Richard is the latest in an impressive series of Directors of Music at the Cathedral.

The first was Christopher Walker, who now lives in Los Angeles and who is known worldwide for his compositions, lectures and leading of assemblies. Chris had been Director of Music at the pro Cathedral.

Chris Walker was followed by David Ogden, who is now a professional choral conductor and composer. He regularly records and broadcasts with his many choirs, and is extremely active in church music in Britain and abroad.