At Clifton we have one of the finest neoclassical organs in Europe made in Austria by Rieger. Its design reflects the hexagons upon which the Cathedral is based. Stephen Bryant (the Cathedral Organist) is a great ambassador for the instrument and skilfully adapts all kinds of repertoire to it. The organ voluntaries reflect the intentions of the particular liturgy, integrating with the musical styles used within that too. 

You can download the Organ Specification (with more pictures) here in Acrobat format - please contact us if you would like the full resolution printed version.


The organ has been cleaned and restored by David Wood of Huddersfield. We need £39,000 to pay for this...below are pictures of work in progress


 How it could have been...

The picture below of a prototype model of the Cathedral with the original idea for the organ (which was to be brought from the pro-Cathedral) with seating below for the choir. The seating the choir currently uses was originally meant for priests. Part of the shelf which was built and then removed can still be seen. Note also two ambos and pews (the cathedral eventually had a single ambo and chairs for the people). The model also reveals plans for many ample view site, never realised, among other changed items.


Organ specs

We'll be publishing the organ specs soon.